Darbar Sahib Halani

दरबार साहिब हालाणी    

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About Darbar Sahib Halani

At the time of partition in 1947, Baba Madhavdas Sahib adorned the holy seat. In India, the Darbar got established in Ajmer. In 1953, when Baba Madhavdas Sahib’s light of life became one with Lord, Baba Gobinddas Sahib took over the reigns and greatly contributed to the progress and glory of the Darbar.

During the days of Baba Madhavdas Sahib’s illness, when He came to Mumbai for treatment, a flat was purchased in Sion to enable Him to stay here. This flat, at the request of the devotees, was converted into a place of worship, which today is Darbar Sahib Halani, Sion.

The Mahant who adorns the holy seat today, is Baba Sadhuram Sahib, who can be best described as a strict administrator and at the same time, an all time friendly – friend, philosopher and guide. His in-depth knowledge of all various scriptures like Guru Granth Sahib, Bhagwat Geeta, Vedas and Puranas, from which he quotes often is remarkable. Communication skills and ease of interaction with His devotees adds to His unmatched qualities of simplicity and practicality. Inspite of no formal education, He can talk with authority on any subject under the sun, be it finance, business, law, anything! In fact, whatever we write about Him, can at most be a drop in the ocean of what He actually is i.e. no words or phrases can adequately express the reality.

Besides the Golden Temple of Amritsar, Halani Darbar (Ajmer) is the only one today, where all twenty four paudis of Sri Asa-di-vaar are recited daily and katha & kirtan are conducted throughout the day. Under the able guidance of our Sai, various free medical camps like urology, eye, etc. are conducted in Ajmer, Ulhasnagar and Annashetra annually conducted at Pushkar, during the Pushkar fair. As per the tradition, new moon day (Chand ) and full moon day (Satyanarayan) are celebrated every month and New Year (Vaisakhi), Diwali and anniversaries (Varsis) of our saints are celebrated every year.

Blessed and fortunate are we, to have a Puran Satguru to guide us through this fire of life, to salvation. May the Great Lord add years and years of glory to this great place of worship, to our .... our own - Darbar Sahib Halani.

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